When choosing suitable insulation product for your home renovation projects, there are a few different type of insulation options to choose from. In the end they all accomplish the same goal but it depends on which products you are comfortable installing in your home attic space. Lets break down the different  products so you can make an educated decision when buying insulation.

Fiberglass insulation - This is the oldest insulation product on the worldwide market. Fiberglass insulation comes in different thickness, in roll for and also in loose fill form that you can pump into your roof. It is an excellent product for thermal insulation as well as for acoustics in your home. Fiberglass insulation has brilliant sound proofing qualities. You will hear less noise from outside your home as well as less noise inside your house between the rooms.

Cellulose fibre insulation - Cellulose insulation is a product made of chopped newspapers. It forms a loose fill insulation product that can be pumped into your attic space at home. being newspapers, it would be highly flammable if not treated with chemicals to create a fire retardant status.

Polyester insulation – This is a product that more homeowners around the world have been embracing. It does not contain fibreglass. There will be no itching if you decide to do a self-install with a product like isotherm insulation. There are also no chemicals in polyester insulation products, meaning it’s a lot safer to install and have in your attic space. If you are a handy person and don’t want to pay the extra cost of an isotherm installer then this would be the easiest option to use in your roof.

Which product should you choose?

Thats completely up to the homeowner. All three of the product will do the same job. The all have high r-values and all of them do a great job with thermal and acoustics in your home or office. The polyester insulation will come in slightly more expensive than the fibreglass and cellulose but then you have the peace of mid that there is no fibreglass or chemicals in the product.