The whirlybirds are perhaps the most used roof ventilators. Thy has been sued several years and continue to draw large followers in the midst of alternative roof ventilators such as the solar vents.  There are several models of whirlybirds roofs made by different manufacturers. While the roof ventilation installers can advise you on varies roof ventilation, you should make the decision.


The whirlybird works pretty well in a windy and sunny area. If you day temperatures tend to be naughty high, you need to look for the best solar whirlybirds ventilation. Otherwise, you will be incurring high energy bills as the air conditioners work harder to lower the temperatures. Fortunately, you have the whirlybird that can work solely on the wind power. They will keep air circulation of the house efficient all day long. If you live in a windy area, these ventilators work more than efficiently. This is because they rotate a higher speed when there is stronger wind.


They also spin when there is rising air from the house. Rising air meant that it is expanding due to warmth from the house. This spinning may not be as high as one that is brought about by the winds. If you live a place where winds are not as high as to turn the turbines for efficient cooling, you might need to use the electricity powered whirlybirds.  This choice is not a favorite to many though it would save you more than relying on the air conditioners alone.  To know more about roof ventilation, visit


The cost of installing a wind powered turbine is lower than that of the electric powered whirlybird ventilator. If you are looking for the best alternative, it is advisable that you connect to a whirlybird ventilator installer for analysis of your conditions. The installer will help you decide which types of ventilators to go for and the number of roof vents johannesburg that you need. He will as well recommend whether your roof is designed in a way that it can benefit from the installation.  The roof needs to have adequate space to allow the exchange of hot and cool air.



Also, learning new alternatives of the whirlybird can help you make a better choice. This is especially very important if you must use the electric powered turbines. You want to know the model which minimizes power usage yet provides the highest level of cooling and air circulation. There are still alternative roof ventilators is the whirlybird ventilators not suited for your roof.