When choosing suitable insulation product for your home renovation projects, there are a few different type of insulation options to choose from. In the end they all accomplish the same goal but it depends on which products you are comfortable installing in your home attic space. Lets break down the different  products so you can make an educated decision when buying insulation.

Fiberglass insulation - This is the oldest insulation product on the worldwide market. Fiberglass insulation comes in different thickness, in roll for and also in loose fill form that you can pump into your roof. It is an excellent product for thermal insulation as well as for acoustics in your home. Fiberglass insulation has brilliant sound proofing qualities. You will hear less noise from outside your home as well as less noise inside your house between the rooms.

Cellulose fibre insulation - Cellulose insulation is a product made of chopped newspapers. It forms a loose fill insulation product that can be pumped into your attic space at home. being newspapers, it would be highly flammable if not treated with chemicals to create a fire retardant status.

Polyester insulation – This is a product that more homeowners around the world have been embracing. It does not contain fibreglass. There will be no itching if you decide to do a self-install with a product like isotherm insulation. There are also no chemicals in polyester insulation products, meaning it’s a lot safer to install and have in your attic space. If you are a handy person and don’t want to pay the extra cost of an isotherm installer then this would be the easiest option to use in your roof.

Which product should you choose?

Thats completely up to the homeowner. All three of the product will do the same job. The all have high r-values and all of them do a great job with thermal and acoustics in your home or office. The polyester insulation will come in slightly more expensive than the fibreglass and cellulose but then you have the peace of mid that there is no fibreglass or chemicals in the product.


The whirlybirds are perhaps the most used roof ventilators. Thy has been sued several years and continue to draw large followers in the midst of alternative roof ventilators such as the solar vents.  There are several models of whirlybirds roofs made by different manufacturers. While the roof ventilation installers can advise you on varies roof ventilation, you should make the decision.


The whirlybird works pretty well in a windy and sunny area. If you day temperatures tend to be naughty high, you need to look for the best solar whirlybirds ventilation. Otherwise, you will be incurring high energy bills as the air conditioners work harder to lower the temperatures. Fortunately, you have the whirlybird that can work solely on the wind power. They will keep air circulation of the house efficient all day long. If you live in a windy area, these ventilators work more than efficiently. This is because they rotate a higher speed when there is stronger wind.


They also spin when there is rising air from the house. Rising air meant that it is expanding due to warmth from the house. This spinning may not be as high as one that is brought about by the winds. If you live a place where winds are not as high as to turn the turbines for efficient cooling, you might need to use the electricity powered whirlybirds.  This choice is not a favorite to many though it would save you more than relying on the air conditioners alone.  To know more about roof ventilation, visit


The cost of installing a wind powered turbine is lower than that of the electric powered whirlybird ventilator. If you are looking for the best alternative, it is advisable that you connect to a whirlybird ventilator installer for analysis of your conditions. The installer will help you decide which types of ventilators to go for and the number of roof vents johannesburg that you need. He will as well recommend whether your roof is designed in a way that it can benefit from the installation.  The roof needs to have adequate space to allow the exchange of hot and cool air.



Also, learning new alternatives of the whirlybird can help you make a better choice. This is especially very important if you must use the electric powered turbines. You want to know the model which minimizes power usage yet provides the highest level of cooling and air circulation. There are still alternative roof ventilators is the whirlybird ventilators not suited for your roof.


If you are wondering what the benefits to roof ventilation are; then today you will find out as we discuss the top 4 benefits. Here they are.


1.            The first benefit to roof ventilation is that it can be helpful whatever weather may be occurring outside. You do not have to worry about spending more for roof ventilators and just not use it for hot or cold seasons. This is true because roof ventilators can provide your home with many benefits no matter the weather situation. This is actually a really great benefit as you can be sure that your roof ventilator is always being used.


2.            The second benefit to roof ventilators is that it can eliminate excess moisture. When the colder months arrive, a lot of moisture will enter your home. And you might not think that this is very harmful; it actually is not until the inside of your house has excess moisture. The excess moisture can cause damages like weakening the structure, degrading the roof system, and bringing molds. However, the roof ventilators can really remove moisture from the house by using exhaust vents to remove them back to the outside world.  Read to gain more info about roof ventilation.


3.            The third benefit to roof ventilators is that it can help your roofing system last much longer, as well as make it stronger and sturdier. How can roof whirlybird vents do this? They can do it because of their exhaust vents. They remove excess heat waves, as well as moisture, from the house. The reduction of heat in the house will prevent the roof shingles from baking from the outside and inside. And when the roof shingles are not baked, they do not easily crack. So with roof ventilators you can have a strong, sturdy, and long lasting roofing system.



4.            And finally, the fourth benefit to roof ventilators is that it can help you save energy as well as money. You are definitely trying hard to keep your electric bill at a moderate range. However, it can be hard to do that especially when the hotter months come. You will need to use your air conditioner at all times when it is hot. But, the good news is that industrial whirlybird roof ventilators can actually cool your house. This is done by, again, removing the heat through its exhaust vents. Once the heat is removed, the house will become cooler, and when the house is cooler you won't need to use your air conditioner as much, thus saving energy and money.


Based on the kind of roof on your building or house, there is a wide selection of roof top ventilation used in construction in this era. The info about that type of ventilation can be frustrating for non-specialists, also it can be quite simple to become confused or disappointed concerning the entire thing. When and where you should install ventilation, what is the best type of your roof, and even the mindset behind ventilation may evade you. Therefore, let us have a little time to talk about roof ventilation and just how it pertains to various kinds of construction.

Kinds of Roof Ventilation

With respect to the building codes used in your region, you will probably require a one-square foot of vent for every 150 square feet of attic space. Ventilation is not available to allow escape of air, but also to allow entry of it. There are many types of industrial roof ventilation. Here are some of them.

oBox vents also referred to as low profile vents, louvers, flat vents, and sometimes even turtle vents. Simply because they don't have any moving components they're referred to as fixed ports. A container port includes a and the top cut apart, and they utilize natural convection for air movement. Made of a variety of supplies and obtainable in some colors, container ports are one, and flexible, cheap of roof system's very typical kinds.

oWind turbines are occasionally referred to as whirlybirds, and they don't have an engine and alternatively depend on breeze to energy motion while they contain shifting components. More atmosphere moves than conventional container ports supplying the breeze are coming.

oPower vents combine a few of the advantages of solar roof vents and wind turbines. Since they're motor-driven, they guarantee correct ventilation whatever the wind or environment problems. Although they're effective, they are notably more costly than box vents or whirlybirds.

oRidge vents ports are another kind of port program that is fixed that's mounted along top ridges. They're made to operate the entire period of the outside form of a roof and mix effortlessly into a roof's style producing them a stylish choice.

oOff-ridge vents act like container ports for the reason that they're fixed ports mounted close to the form, often over a slice portion of the top. Nevertheless, container vents are while off-form vents are square and slim, and maybe roof's least effective vents. Check out for more info details about roof ventilation.


Top ventilation methods are diverse and complex, so it's usually better to make use of a competent roofing company when it comes to which program is better for the house while you can easily see. You can be told by your company which methods are best even and in your environment for the kind of top.